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Blind Guys Chat’s black, white and yellow logo, which says Blind Guys Chat …About the A-Z of Life. Bold white and yellow text saying: Blind Guys Chat, Another Brick in the Wall, Podacst December 15, 2021, Hosts: Óran O'Neill, Jan Bloem, and Stuart Lawler, Guest: Ken Brandt 19:13 – 33:30, plus the URL for the podcast. All on a on a green/blue background.

The three blind guys  - two from Ireland, one from the Netherlands - chat about home repairs, cover other topics from A-Z, interview Ken, and discuss “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”.

We are talking with Ken Brandt author of ‘Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight’. Hold onto your seats, folks, this guy likes to dive bomb when flying an aircraft.

Óran O'Neill: “I know lots of people are going to want to read the book.” Jan Bloem: “Ya”. Óran: It would be a great read over Christmas…or a gift.” Stuart Lawler: “a Christmas gift.” They excitedly agree to give each other copies for Christmas. Despite already having a copy and being halfway through reading it, Óran would be happy to have another copy. Jan: “I hope that a lot of listeners will go and read it.” Óran: I thoroughly recommend that book for a Christmas present.” Jan: “For sure.” Óran: It’s really good, it’s funny.”

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