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Book Blurbs about Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight


An adventure and humor filled journey...The book is short but sweet. It’s a fun read


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. After you read Brandt’s life, you feel inspired to do more, live more and be positive...The material is suitable for anyone who enjoys reading biographies, and I recommend it to those who like insightful reads.

Jeyran Main, Review Tales


A very nice read. Ken has done so many things that it's amazing. I don't mean for someone with poor vision, I just mean for anyone. His positivity and gratitude are infectious. My favorite part was about catching the thief toward the end; made me laugh out loud at several points. Good work! 

Australian Book Lovers


"Positive Vision" is a fun journey of insightful anecdotes and exciting adventures, illustrating how poor eyesight can contribute to a joyful and full life! A great read for anyone who has - or knows someone with - poor eyesight.

Bennie H. Jeng, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Maryland School of Medicine


a fascinating adventure biography about thriving with low vision, for all to’re sure to find Ken’s escapades captivating and humorous...Humbling stories of triumph over every-day adversity fill every chapter. Jokes, tips and thought-provoking insights abound...vivid storytelling and wholesome reflective pieces...A new appreciation for the hurdles and advantages of low vision is assured.

Optometrist John De Francesco ​for Good Vision for Life (Optometry Australia)


An exhilarating and uplifting read! Drowned in the nuances of daily life, most of us always look but cannot see... In "Positive Vision", Ken shows us how to look AND see, with heaps of humour, from the heart and soul.

Dr. Daniel Chiu - Ophthalmic Surgeon and Retinal Specialist


An upbeat read on an issue that affects everyone: eyesight. Ken speaks from real personal experience how vision impairment can impact a person's life. 

Ian Wishart, CEO, The Fred Hollows Foundation


An incredibly optimistic and positive view on life. It is a pleasure to read and a fascinating biography that proves that even with very limited eyesight there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Dr. Mark Troski - Cataract Surgeon


“Positive Vision”’s personal stories, insightful quotes and funny jokes elegantly demonstrate how much life could and should be lived in spite of poor eyesight. I will recommend it as a wonderful, hopeful, and inspirational read for my patients who have or fear low vision. Plus, it is a great read for anyone of any vision level, who likes adventures and biographies.

Dr. Constance Okeke - Glaucoma Specialist & Cataract Surgeon

An inspiring book, motivational…great for optometrists and ophthalmologist to have and present to their patients.

Dr Maria Sampalis OD

An upbeat, inspiring, adventurous, humorous memoir by a low vision author who has had six eye operations and was legally blind for many years.

Teaching Students with Vision Impairments 


Like a moustachioed Indiana Jones, an adventurer to the core, he travels the globe scuba diving, riding horses… and jumping out of planes. He also plays jazz trumpet, New Orleans style. His name is Ken Brandt.

Matthew Layton, Vision Australia Radio, Studio 1


An Upbeat Book About Poor Eyesight... a 'rollicking good' book that proves poor eyesight needn’t impact potential... a remarkable and insightful book for optometrists, ophthalmologists and orthoptists. It is also a wonderful, inspiring, and humorous read that vision professionals can recommend to anyone struggling with less than perfect vision....

mivision - minews, mivision The Opthalmic Journal


a wonderful biographical recollection... a gloriously positive view on life... The adventures are mind blowing, entertaining, and wholesome... I highly recommend Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight to anyone who wants to read about adventure, creativity, fun, or visual impairment. Vision professionals will enjoy reading it and recommending it to many of their patients. Everyone will find something they love about it. It is an easy to read page-turner...

Sepideh Heydar Zadeh - In the Know, Vision Science Academy 

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