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Blue/green background. On the upper left a white rectangle with black and blue lettering saying: AT Banter Podcast, Episode 264 Ken Brandt, three grey microphones, and a color photo of Ken Brandt (smiling white male, balding, grey hair and mustache, holding his first pair of glasses). Center white text: AT Banter Podcast, November 25, 2021, Hosts: Rob Mineault, Ryan Fluery, Steve Barclay and Lis Malone. Yellow text: Guest: Ken Brandt. White text: URL link to the interview.
Hello Canada!

AT Banter Episode 263 – Ken Brandt. Rob, Ryan and Steve once again welcome Lis Malone to help co-host as they sit down and talk to Ken Brandt, author of the book “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”. They discuss the origins of the book and the importance of having a positive attitude and sense of adventure. Also, we learn why you always want to cross your legs when parachuting into a forest.

Rob: “really interesting guy. The book’s great.”

Ryan: “There was a passage in there that I'm not gonna give a spoiler to but I have to say, I was laying in bed reading it, and I just about peed myself. It was hilarious. And you did it twice. So I highly recommend people read the book.”

Steve: “I went through very much the same experience as you did for skydiving, went through the training and everything… you did better than the competitive guys.”

Lis: “Well, I think it's just so clear from after reading this book that Ken, you are absolutely a glass half full kind of guy. And it's very refreshing your perspective, it's definitely contagious in a good way kind of attitude… I think that the way you approach your own vision barriers, and how you've seemed to overcome all of them is extremely inspiring.”

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