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Corporate Optometry’s logo: light blue eye with the pupil being a globe and the words Corporate Optometry. Book cover of “Positive Vision”. Text: Host Dr Maria Sampalis OD, Guest Ken Brandt, URL of the YouTube interview, in bold yellow and white text, all on a blue/green background.

Ken is interviewed by Dr Maria Sampalis OD. Maria is super busy. Her current professional activities include:

  • Leading several organization that she founded and owns: Corporate OD Alliance (CODA), Corporate OD Insider, Corporate Optometry Consulting, Sampalis Eyecare, Corporate Optometry on Facebook, and Corporate Optometry Careers,

  • Serving as a: Member of Optometry Times’ and‘s Editorial Advisory Board, Contributing Editor for PentaVision (Corporate Optometry Today), and a Member of the U.S. F.D.A.’s Ophthalmic Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee, Volunteer eye doctor at the Rhode Island Free Clinic. She is connected to 65,000 eye care professional on various social media platforms.


Dr Maria Sampalis OD interviewing Ken Brandt on Zoom. Maria is smiling, has long blonde hair, is wearing a light blue shirt and a dark sweater. Ken is balding with a white mustache, wearing a dark shirt with a collar, and is answering one of Maria’s questions.

Dr Maria Sampalis OD (left) interviewing Ken Brandt (right)

Watch the Interview

Dr. Sampalis’s comments included the following:

  • 5:58 - “This is an inspiring book, motivational, might be something we want to give to our patients”

  • 20:19 – “I think this book would be great for optometrists and ophthalmologist to have and present to their patients as they have those difficult conversations with patients who had good vision…that changed over the years…Patients can…connect with someone that’s gone through it and has a positive mind-set on it.”



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