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Blue-Green background with white and yellow text: Life’s Not Over, It Just Looks Different, February 6, 2022, Host: Christopher (Warner) Gordon, Guest: Ken Brandt, URL to Chris’s YouTube interview of Ken. Photo of host Christopher, a balding middle-aged man, smiling broadly, wearing a blue t-shirt with white lettering that says: “I’m on this planet for FUN!” and holding a copy of his book “Life’s Not Over, It Just Looks Different”.
Life's Not Over,
It Just Looks Different


Many people with sight loss can tell you about adventures they’ve had with their poor eyesight, but not many would tell you they find advantages in having poor eyesight’. That’s where Ken Brandt comes in. In his book, Positive Vision, Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight, Ken shares stories from his life with sight loss.


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