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Ever wonder what the happiest low vision people think about their eyesight?

We sat down (sort of) with Ken Brandt, author of the rollocking, humorous and inspiring adventure memoir “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”.

"Eyesight Adventures! Interview of March 11, 2022" in bold white on a bold red rectangle. Above is the teamlocum logo and name (grey and red shield with white cross on it, team in grey text, locum in red text), flanked by a photo of three copies of "Positive Vision" by Ken Brandt (yellow, white, blue, image of Ken and text). Below is the interview's URL in white. All on a blue/green background.

We love it that despite a roller coaster of vision ups and downs, Ken is super upbeat and super appreciative of the optometrists and other vision professionals who have enabled him to see.


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