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Just Getting Started!

Even though “Positive Vision” started selling in September 2020, I just (finally!) received my first author royalties. So, I just started donating 10% of them (5% each): for eye research to Mass. Eye and Ear (where I had two eye operations), and for preventing avoidable blindness to the Fred Hollows Foundation. I will happily continue doing this with all future author royalties: the more books purchased, the more I will be able to donate. It is very exciting!

Heading: 10% of Author Royalties are Donated. Subheading: to eye research and ending avoidable blindness. First Images:  cover of "Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight" by Ken Brandt. Next images: blue arrow with the words "5% each to" pointing from the book to the logos of Massachusetts Eye and Ear (Bold Science. Life Changing Cures.) and The Fred Hollows Foundation.


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