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Funny Robbery Attempt. 

Catching a Thief!

Ken shares an adventure with Doug Kenney and Andy McPhee on “Relentless and Unstoppable?”


Quotes from the interview:

Andy: “That’s hilarious mate!. Thanks for that share, it’s pretty awesome, I loved it!

Doug: “It’s almost like Catching a Thief video game!”

Ken Brandt (upper left), Doug Kenney (upper right), and Andy McPhee

On August 3rd of 2022, Doug Kenney and Andy McPhee interviewed Ken Brandt. Ken Brandt is an American-born Australian author with poor vision. Ken is a public figure for people with low vision, and the author of: Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight.

Watch the Two Part Interview

Part 1

Part 2

Text: Relentless and Unstoppable August 3, 2022 – host Doug Kenney, Doug’s coach and mentor Andy McPhee, guest Ken Brandt. URL links to the interview. YouTube image of the three laughing with the subtitle: Ken Brandt’s Funny Story of a Robber Attempting a Robbery. Relentless and Unstopabble’s black and yellow logo. All on a blue/green background.
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