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Rapid-Fire Interview of Ken Brandt

Posted on August 15, 2021 by Jeyran Main

Ken Brandt playing trumpet. He is standing up, wearing a black sweater, and playing his brass (gold color) trumpet. He is indoors and you see him from the stomach up.

Ready for some really fast questions and answers about you and your book “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”?  


Lets go, please fire away! 

Some of your adventures were pretty wild, how did you survive all of them? 


Bits of: luck, courage, optimism, and perseverance. Probably a higher percentage of luck than I would like to admit. 

The book is full of your adventures. Which was your favorite? 


I liked all of them, but my favorite might be my friend and I’s long convoluted chase and eventual capture of a thief.  

How poor is your vision? 


I’ve had six eye operation and was legally blind for many years. It is a very good thing for society that I cannot get a drivers license. 

Explain why you think there are advantages to poor eyesight? 


Good eyesight is absolutely better than poor eyesight, but there are some advantages to poor eyesight, and it is fun to enjoy them.  

What are some examples?

Longer life, more adventure, greater creativity, better balance, better presentation skills, and tons more. There are lots of specific everyday examples of each throughout the book. 

Author Ken Brandt holding up his first ever pair of eyeglasses from years ago. Ken is very balding, has a white mustache, is smiling, and wearing an informal long sleeve dark blue collared shirt over a light blue t-shirt. The photo shows him from the chest up.

Who would like reading your book? 

Two groups of people:

  1. Anyone who likes memoirs that include a lot of adventure and humor or

  2. Anyone without perfect eyesight, plus their families and friends. 

OK, let’s keep up the fast pace.



Most memoirs are in chronologic order, why isn’t “Positive Vision”? 


It is organized by topic, a bit like a magazine. Great for reading cover-to-cover or randomly browsing.  

Why are you donating ten percent of your author royalties to organizations that do eye research and prevent blindness? 


It is a nice way to give back, plus it means that everyone who buys the book is doing a good deed.  


How did you select the inspiring or humorous quote at the start of each chapter? 


Each relates pretty directly to the chapter. Same thing with the joke at the end of each chapter. 


Tell us one of the end-of-chapter jokes. 


Here is a short corny one: “My optometrist told me I have bad vision… I don’t see the problem.” 

Where can people buy your book?


“Positive Vision” is available at all major online bookstores.  

Where can people find more information about “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”?


Lots of other articles, interviews and book reviews on: 

Thanks for the interview. 

Whew, that was fast but fun – thank you too!


Connect with Ken on Social Media 

Web site – sign-up for his e-newsletter: 






Instagram (he is just started here): 



Author Bio:

Ken Brandt has led a fun and adventurous life and had a successful business career despite (or perhaps in part because of!) his bad eyes. He has always had poor vision and slightly crossed eyes, had six eye operations (including a detached retina and cataract operation in each eye), and spent parts of his life legally blind.   

Prior to retiring and writing Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight, Ken held senior management and management consulting positions in information technology and cyber security with firms and clients of all sizes in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Ken is an entertaining speaker and an amateur New Orleans style jazz trumpeter.   He and his wife Judy Roberts Brandt have been married for over twenty years, lived most of their lives in New York City, and now live in Melbourne, Australia. 

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