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Chugging along – slow but steady!

Since starting to receive author royalties, I have been donating 10% of them (5% each): for eye research and preventing avoidable blindness. The eye research donations go to Mass. Eye and Ear, where I had two eye operations. The preventing avoidable blindness donation donations go to the Fred Hollows Foundation. Now that the audio version of the book is out, I’ll start receiving and donating some royalties from that as well. The more books purchased or given as gifts, the more I will be able to donate. It is very exciting!

Heading: 10% of Author Royalties are Donated. Subheading: to eye research and ending avoidable blindness. First Images:  cover of "Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight" by Ken Brandt. Next images: blue arrow with the words "5% each to" pointing from the book to the logos of Massachusetts Eye and Ear (Bold Science. Life Changing Cures.) and The Fred Hollows Foundation.


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