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It was exciting to be welcomed as a special guest on VLANJ ARISE Speaker Series. VLANJ is the Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey. ARISE is their Achieving Resilience, Inspiration, & Self-Empowerment program.

The ARISE Speaker Series

Link and announcement for Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey’s VLANJ ARISE interview of Ken Brandt, a motivational speaker and author of the inspiring adventure memoir: “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”. Interviewed by VLANJ’s Linda Groszew. Photo of a smiling mustachioed Ken with green hills in the background.

includes a variety of topics to motivate and inspire you to achieve your best self. You will engage with speakers like Ken who bring a wide perspective in sharing their stories, life experiences, and expertise to achieve a more positive mindset. Topics are inspirational and educational, balancing practical life tasks, to encourage pursuit of the creative arts and moving towards your personal and professional goals, achieving a feeling of greater self-empowerment.


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