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Yikes, I have fallen behind in posting! Here are five new posts, some recent, some not. All nice.

New Book Review – by Vision Voice Book Club

New Interview – by Blind and Beyond Radio

New Interview – by The Blind Blogger

New Interview – by VI Talk

Blue-green background. Red text: Yikes! Time for a”. White text: “Post Catch-Up”. Yellow text: “All really nice 😊”. White text: “1 new book review 4 new interviews” and “See the Reviews tab and Interviews tab on”.  One image for the Vision Voice Book Club book review, plus an image for each of the four interviews: Startup Secrets Show for Entrepreneurs, Blind and Beyond Radio, The Blind Blogger, and VI Talk Podcast. Each includes the organization’s logo, white text, and a blue-green background. Three also include yellow text. The Startup Secrets image includes many colorful images (Yellow girl and boy entrepreneurs, each think of an idea. Startup Secrets’ red, white, and blue logo. Headshots photos of host John North and guest Ken Brandt. Orange and white rocket blasting upward through white clouds. Blue, green, yellow, white cover of “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”).


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